About Me

There isn’t really much to say about me. As I said, I’m just a brown girl in her 20s still figuring out the whole ‘adulthood’ aspect. So far, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’ve jumped from one hobby to another, so I've tried knitting, painting, the piano etc. etc. However, the ones that have always stuck by me are music, books and food.

I was extremely introverted before college happened to me (now I’m more of an ambivert I guess), so I understand that the desire to hide from people is an actual thing. It’s not us being lazy or impolite.

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That being said, I've been working towards developing my more extroverted tendencies mainly because my career demands it. If only I could be paid to just curl up with a cup of coffee and just read!

This is a lifestyle blog, but I'd like to mainly talk about career and self-care. Oh and the absolute wonder in being a woman in our very 'progressive' present. You'll probably find the occasional rant about a show though.

To keep it short, I love trying out new things and a variety of cuisines, so if you happen to know any hidden gems in Dubai, do tell!