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4 Reasons Why I Will Forever Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I am one of those people who are almost fanatical about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I quote them all the time, I was furious when Netflix did the whole “we’re discontinuing Friends” fiasco, I’ve watched the whole thing at least 5 times, AND I believe HIMYM will never ever be better.

This is NOT a comparison between Friends and How I Met Your Mother (although, I strongly feel like I should write a post on that). It is all about why my obsession is justified. This is just from my personal point of view, and I do not hate people who don’t like Friends. However, I am inclined to believe that those who hate it are possibly from another planet.

Anyway, here are the reasons why I love the show and why nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise…

#1 Could It BE More Relatable?

For a show that’s almost two decades old, it is highly relatable regardless of who’s watching. From Rachel struggling to make it on her own in a big city, to Monica trying to deal with her parents’ obvious favouritism to Ross, the show just hooks you in and never lets go (in my case at least).

#2 The Comedy Makes Your Tummy Hurt

Just to clarify, it makes your tummy hurt from laughing. You know, in a good way.

I started watching the show just six years ago. I’ve re-watched it countless times since then, and even though I can now watch it on mute and still know what’s being said, it won’t stop being funny. Chandler’s sarcasm and Joey’s antics are hilarious without being over-the-top or cliche, and you can always count on being able to laugh even if it’s not a “funny” scene.

Friends is my tub of ice cream when I’m sad, and it’s a remedy I’d recommend to anyone who listens.

#3 There's Something To Love About Each Of Them

Chandler is always there, Joey doesn’t give up on his dreams, Monica goes to great lengths to make sure everyone she loves is happy, Phoebe is the most optimistic person in the gang even though she’s had life the worst, Rachel is driven and strong and Ross gets back on his feet regardless of how many times life pushes him into the dirt.

They’re not perfect. They each have their flaws, and yet, we’d have them no other way. I mean even Janice is cute in her own way!

#4 The Theme Song.... Duh!

Everything from the typical 90s outfits, the clapping, the fountain and the sheer goofiness of it is amazing. Always singing along to it during a binge session anyone?

FYI, there are FIVE claps, not four.

Okayyyy so, in short, I love the show. I think mankind as a whole should love the show. For that matter, when alien life does make contact, I think we should recommend this show to them. You know, as a sign of good faith.

Also, just a heads up, as my obsession will never die down, and because I have a million things to say about Friends (my favourite quotes, favourite episodes, all the other favourites, lessons I learned etc etc etc.), this may become a series of posts where I rant about the show.

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